Andreas Dullweber



Experienced leader in customer strategy and marketing, specializing in crafting and implementing customer-centric growth strategies for global corporations


전문 분야

  • Global Head of Marketing & Customer Experience
  • Global leader on modern marketing, customer-centric growth and Net Promoter System®
  • Global expert on data, technology & AI enabled next-gen customer strategy

Andreas Dullweber is our Global Head of Marketing & Customer Experience.

Andreas joined Bain in 1999 and is a leading expert in developing and deploying customer-led growth strategies for international companies in the digital age.

He works with clients across geographies and industries. His extensive expertise includes developing and implementing international growth programs, orchestrating modern marketing and data & AI-led transformations, crafting digital and omnichannel strategies, and driving customer-centric change management. Andreas is known as one of Bain’s global leaders on modern marketing, customer centricity and Net Promoter System® (NPS) applications, frequent speaker and author on the topic. Other activities and roles include leadership around talent development, nominations and promotions, and diversity & inclusion. 

Andreas holds a PhD from Cambridge University, UK, and he received a diploma in theoretical physics at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. He is a graduate of the German National Academic Foundation and holder of a European Community Marie Curie Fellowship.

The Biggest Challenges of Adopting the Net Promoter System®

Bain's Andreas Dullweber, Maureen Burns and Jason Barro discuss some of the biggest hurdles they encounter as they help companies build customer-centric cultures.

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