Arup Mazumdar




전문 분야

  • Author of How India Travels (Google report);
  • Author of Changing Gears | Digital Automotive (Facebook report)
  • Leader in DEI effort Bain MIddle East

Arup Mazumdar is a member of our Energy & Natural Resources practice.

He has worked with many of the top-50 companies and governments focused on energy, industrials, Technology & Telecom. His work includes strategy development, venture capital, (early - mid-stage), M&A (specializing in integration), operating model design and large-scale transformations.

Beyond his client work, he is a leader in our Middle East Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.

Before joining us, he was a consultant at two other top firms and graduated from Georgetown University with a master's in business administration.

In her personal time, Arup is a passionate musician and keeps his hands-on interest in all things technology. He loves to travel across the world with his wife.

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