Holly Hess


New York

Senior financial executive with 30 years of extensive experience driving growth, operational excellence, competitive edge and team culture.


전문 분야

  • Led Verizon’s $10B four year cash cost reduction initiative. Generated $5+B of hard cash run rate savings in the first 24 months.
  • Pioneered the industry’s largest scale, enterprise-wide implementation of Zero Based Budgeting to ensure every dollar was targeted towards Verizon’s strategic priorities.

Holly Hess is a trusted change agent with a track record of leading organizations through significant transformation, guiding complex integrations, restructuring and navigating challenging initiatives.

Holly was previously SVP of Business Excellence and Zero Based Budgeting/Chief Transformation Officer at Verizon, where she led and accelerated their $10B four year cash cost reduction initiative by identifying areas to become more efficient and effective.

She also created and ran an operational excellence and process transformation organization at Verizon, Verizon Lean Six Sigma, to implement process improvement, transform cost structure and redefine standards of operational excellence.

Holly was also previously Chief Financial Officer of Verizon Wireless, Chief Financial Officer at Verizon Media (AOL + Yahoo), Chief Financial Officer of Verizon Business (global enterprise organization) and Treasurer of Verizon.

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