Ken Ho

Expert Associate Partner,



Ken Ho is a leader in the firm's Private Equity and Advanced Analytics practices in Asia-Pacific, with deep expertise in machine learning and price optimisation.

Ken leads Bain's effort to incorporate advanced analytics into private equity in diligence, VCP and portfolio work throughout Asia-Pacific. His work centres around identifying innovative data sources and analytics techniques (including Generative AI) across a range of industries and geographies.

Ken holds deep expertise in B2C price optimisation, including promotion and markdown optimisation. He co-led the development of the Bain Promotion tool, which has since been rolled out to several clients globally.

In his leisure time, Ken enjoys playing badminton and tending to his ever-growing aquarium collection. He also occasionally masquerades as a wedding violinist.

Ken holds a PhD in Machine Learning from The University of Sydney, a M.E. in Aerospace from Cornell University, and a B.E. in Aeronautical space from The University of Sydney.

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