Line Plantener



Consumer products expert with track record in leading marketing and topline transformation


전문 분야

  • Focus on global CPGs, particular F&B companies as well as jewelry and fashion
  • Specialist within connected customer journeys and personalization
  • Training (internally and externally) young professionals in leadership and communication

Line Plantener is an associate partner in Bain’s EMEA Consumer Products practice with a spike in customer and marketing excellence. She is based in Copenhagen. She has worked with some of the largest global and European consumer brands, enabling them to realize their full topline potential.

In recent years, Line has focused on marketing strategy, connected customer journeys, personalization and marketing and general operating models. She co-drives our largest F&B accounts in the Nordics.

Some of her most impactful client results include setting up the strategy, use-case road-map and execution force of a world-class personalization marketing function for a global retailer, as well as setting up the new operating model of the largest carve-out of a single F&B business globally.

Line is known for championing change through a relentless strive for clear and compelling narratives, with clear articulation of value at stake, ensuring that the human aspect of change and change management is thought through.

Line is involved in and passionate about our Women at Bain initiatives, helping younger females succeed and parents alike thrive long-term at Bain. She is pioneering flexible working models in the Nordics, which has shown good success.

She also teaches several internal and external academies on leadership, communications, working and personality styles, and how to take difficult conversations and influence. In addition to that role, Line is involved in Bain's social impact work and has been a mentor for several children-focused social entrepreneurships.

Prior to joining Bain, Line worked at the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign affairs (including the Danish Mission to the UN in New York City). She holds a BA and M.Sc. in Economics from Copenhagen University.

Line is a mother to two boys, she strives to push the envelope of what’s possible in a dual-carreer & dual-caretaker familiy. She aims to lead by example the leadership style of the future that she would want her children to follow - one with empathy and curiosity as the core, embodied by both female and male leaders.

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