Marco Potz


Deep and longstanding experience in Performance Improvement in Insurance sector


전문 분야

  • +12 years of firm experience across EMEA
  • Specialist of Insurance, Performance Improvement and Customer Experience

Marco Potz is a member of our EMEA Financial Services practice, with deep specialization in the Insurance sector.

He has more than 12 years of experience in the industry, serving clients across EMEA in areas such as insurance, banking, fintech and private equity.

Marco’s expertise covers a wide range of topics, from performance improvement programs to commercial due diligence. In recent years, he has supported many insurance companies in successful turnarounds, cost excellence programs and initiatives to improve both Top line and profitability.

He joined Bain after graduation from the University of Padua in aerospace engineering and after an experience as a researcher at the Simon Fraser University of Vancouver.

Beyond his client work, he is a member of our Milan office recruiting group.

In his personal time, Marco enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing football. He is the proud father of two wonderful sons.

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