Rahul Wadhawan

Expert Associate Partner,

Leader of FRWD India @ Bain


전문 분야

  • Head of our FRWD India @ Bain efforts
  • 20 years of experience in marketing, digital & CX transformation, media platform monetization, and analytics
  • Diverse industry experience in e-Commerce & D2C

Rahul is a member of FRWD@Bain. He is responsible for the expansion of our marketing efforts in the India region as part of Vector, our proprietary digital delivery platform.  

His client work focuses on the DigitalMarketing Excellence and Customer Strategy & Marketing spheres, with recent engagements spanning Consumer Products, Retail, Automotive, Financial Services and Healthcare.

Rahul is responsible to lead Modern Marketing, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce practice. He works closely with his counterparts in APAC to grow the firm globally.

With more than two decades of digital-focused experience, Rahul is a proven expert on marketing in the digital age and customer experience.

Prior to joining the firm, Rahul was worked with leading MNCs across consumer electronics, retail, technology, consumer durable, and early growth scenarios in his various assignments, across geographies in Europe, Asia and the US.

Rahul has been recognised within the marketing industry for his transformative work; winning a number of awards for advertising and marketing.

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