Rahul Wadhawan

Senior Director, Media,

Leader of FRWD at Bain India

Biografie Rahul


  • Head of our FRWD @ Bain India efforts
  • 15+ years of digital marketing experience
  • Diverse industry experience in e-commerce & digital marketing

Rahul Wadhawan is a senior director in Media, based in Bain's FRWD India office.

In his role, Rahul is responsible to lead Digital Marketing and e-Commerce and he works closely with his counterparts in APAC to grow the firm globally.

Rahul has diverse experience in marketing, digital marketing, online sales, operations & strategy in consumer durables, smartphones, beverages, liquor, consumer electronics and software organizations.

He has worked with MNCs, start-ups, incubation, emerging markets entry, and early growth scenarios in his various assignments.

Prior to Bain, he gained experience from working with a diverse range of companies across geographies in Europe, Asia and the US.

With strong leadership qualities and a team motivator, Rahul has the ability to develop strong relationships both internally and externally with an unwavered sensitivity towards culture and people development,

Rahul has a proven track record in new and repeat business, successfully increasing revenue, profitability, and business growth along with a deep understanding of ROI methodologies, creating digital experience strategies for successful client goal delivery. He also has in-depth knowledge and experience in digital marketing and e-commerce fuels revenue generation across platforms, multi-channel customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

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