Midtown Tower, Floor 8
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At Bain Tokyo, we see business as a dynamic, living organism comprised of wide-ranging elements and perspectives. This attitude, combined with our expertise across numerous industries, allows us to develop unique, concrete solutions for our clients’ most critical issues, and support them in driving change that can help their organizations outperform the market.  

For almost 40 years, we’ve done just that, serving a diverse array of both local and national companies, as well as multinational Fortune 500 firms. We also have an established history with organizations wishing to expand beyond Japan’s borders. To help support such clients, we regularly collaborate with other Bain offices, leveraging our firm’s deep global network.

We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary

We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary

We ignite
Japan’s full potential

Global expertise, local insights

Deep local insights are informed by global expertise across the industries and capabilities that will help organizations reach their full potential in Japan and beyond.


  • More than 250 professionals in Japan, closely connected to  14,000 globally
  • Work with 2/3 of Global Fortune 500 companies

Leaders in change


We work with ambitious clients to transform the future of their business -  from aligning on a compelling vision to providing the expertise and tools to make change stick and deliver results.


  • 16% pts higher client eNPS℠ in multi-year transformations vs. competitors 
  • ~60% of our work is supporting full potential transformations

An owner’s mentality


We care for your business as if it were our own. As the global leader in private equity consulting, we understand the owner’s mindset. This helps our clients unlock new value creation opportunities to achieve lasting, profitable growth.

  • >3x RMS in PE business globally
  • >1.4x higher return on Bain supported PE deals

A uniquely collaborative culture

Working ‘with you’, not ‘to you’, we engage in our communities and alongside our clients as one team with a shared vision of success for Japan’s people, businesses and economy guided by True North.


  • Ranked #1 for the 2022 OpenWork best companies for new graduates to join
  • Highest client NPS® in the industry (founder of NPS)

Our Team



Tokyo office

Midtown Tower, Floor 8
9-7-1 Akasaka Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-6208

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Phone: +81 3 4563 1103

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