Prasad Subrahmanya


About Prasad

Why Bain? 

Bain is entrepreneurial at its core. I learned about Founder’s Studio from one of Bain’s partners who made a pre-seed investment in my previous company. I joined because I realized I wanted to work with smart people and improve my soft skills, and Bain is a perfect place for both. As a mostly introverted kid from rural southern India, I had often shied away from voicing my true opinion. But throughout my career journey, I got a reality check. I believe the world revolves around those who express their opinions and state what they believe clearly. Bain felt like the place to find my voice.  

Do you feel Bain is diverse? 

I come from a humble middle-class background and believe I am in this position because Bain works so hard to promote diversity. All of us have come from very different places. We’ve all had our unique struggles and hurdles. But we find each other here on a common mission and are more resilient for the strength we’ve gathered along the way. My success simply wouldn’t be possible without an inclusive environment like this.  

What advice do you have for new hires?  

Founder’s Studio is a great place to learn how to build a business from scratch, execute at startup speed, enjoy ownership and freedom, and see how products are built from the earliest stage. It’s truly a unique environment where you get the resources and reach of all of Bain. You'll have access to people and tools a typical venture-funded startup cannot even imagine. It’s almost zero risk, and you can move between ventures and other teams globally.

Prasad's Career Story

"Bain felt like the place I could find my voice."