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Fraudulent Activity Warning

Fraudulent Activity Warning

Bain is aware of potential scams involving the use of our brand. We will never ask for your financial information or have you provide personally identifiable information outside of this site.

Last updated 21 March 2022

Bain & Company is aware of various scams involving job interviews and offers, as well as investment opportunities, through the use of imposter websites, social media profiles, spoofed email addresses and other fraudulent means. These are not affiliated with Bain and are not legitimate.

Attackers might use our name, as well as the names of other professional services firms, to conduct a variety of criminal activities. Be particularly cautious of scams that involve requests for your personal or financial information.

Bain will never ask you to provide any personally identifiable information via any channel other than on this site. Further, Bain never makes requests for your financial information.

If you are in direct contact with individuals at Bain and you become suspicious of fraudulent activity, please notify your Bain contacts directly using their @bain.com email address.

Below are general guidelines for communicating with Bain:

  • Bain employees will only send emails from the @bain.com domain. If you receive an unsolicited email that appears to have come from a Bain email address, check the email address and only respond if the email comes from our authorized domain (@bain.com).
  • Fraudsters will frequently use non-email messaging platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or Signal. Bain will not communicate employment-related or confidential matters on these platforms.
  • Imposters may "spoof" a telephone call such that it appears to be coming from Bain while originating from another number. If you suspect that a caller is impersonating a Bain employee or representative, please contact us to verify if the individual is affiliated with Bain.
  • All Bain employees and representatives are affiliated with an authorized Bain office. Locations that are not included on our global office list are not authorized Bain offices.