Case Study

A Strategic Vision Inspires a Strategic Acquisition

We helped our client create a five-year plan that revealed a great M&A opportunity.

The Story

We were engaged by a private equity firm’s portfolio company to develop a five-year vision to determine where growth would come from and how best to achieve it. Our initial analysis of the company’s position quickly determined that its go-to-market capabilities offered significant room for improvement.

We set about helping the company address multiple facets of its commercial excellence approach, including improvements to its lead generation processes, account coverage, recruitment and training of its salesforce, and customer experience. Our goal was to ensure that the company had the full go-to-market toolkit it needed to drive organic growth and gain share.

But the value creation plan we developed for the company went beyond enhancing key elements of its current operations to a focus on strategic M&A. We also identified four potentially transformative businesses that could catalyze growth in adjacent markets. A promising option soon presented itself, and our due diligence expertise proved instrumental in determining that it would be a good fit.

Once the deal was completed, our post-merger integration team worked with the client to ensure that the acquisition would prove transformative to the company’s growth trajectory. We helped them implement a new, tech-enabled business model that positioned the company for expansion into new markets.

As a result of our work with this portfolio company, the private equity firm saw the impact that our cradle-to-grave approach has on value creation, and it now partners with us from the due diligence phase all the way through to strategy development, operational enhancements, and more to ensure that its investments achieve the maximum anticipated returns.

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