Biografie Putri

What did you do before going into consulting? Why did you make the jump? Why Bain? 

I was working for an investment advisory company and felt like my learning was stagnant. I was doing the same thing every day, so I decided to explore what was out there. I found that Bain was hosting an info session and I decided to apply. Throughout the session, I was really blown away by the level of exposure that I would get as a Bainie, working with many different people from different industries. I was also very surprised by the level of investment and support provided as you joined Bain from global training, mentorship, professional development, class offsite, and the different flex programs available. But the cherry on top was when I got to interact with the Bainies in the Jakarta office. Everybody seemed like they were having fun and were very welcoming. The office felt very warm and family-like. I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of this community.  

What are your passions both outside of work and at Bain? How has your team supported you with these passions? 

I am very passionate about education and I strongly believe it improves livelihood by opening doors and opportunities. I know education is a very broad concept, and personally, I don't limit my involvement in specific areas. Since my first year at Bain, I have always been involved in social impact “Extra 10s,” where we do different projects around education from mentoring to pro-bono consulting for a foundation focusing in providing education for marginalized communities. Other than that, Bain has also given me the opportunity to go for an externship and work as a special strategic staff for the Minister of Education in Indonesia. I am very grateful that my work provides an avenue for me to not just grow professionally, but also to nurture my passion and interest in many ways.  

How have you “Built your own Bain”? 

Bain has been amazing in catering to my own personal needs at different seasons of my life. When I first joined Bain, my father was battling cancer and because of that, I asked for less travel cases. Bain did not just put me on less travel cases but placed in the same city for a while so I could be with my family. Throughout my time at Bain, I was also able to use the different flex options available, from an externship to a leave of absence. By now, I felt very comfortable expressing my personal needs as I know that Bain will try their best to work out a solution together with me.