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Cost Transformation

Cost Transformation

Cost-cutting is challenging, but it shouldn't be debilitating. Bain helps companies bend their cost curve by aligning cost ambition with strategy, applying battle-tested solutions and supporting line-led implementation to ensure changes stick. Instead of a one-time fix that produces only short-term results, your company experiences a sustained transformation that permeates the entire organization and allows you to focus on growth.

Bain believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between streamlining costs and maintaining an energized workforce. True cost transformation is about simplifying, refocusing and strengthening your organization, so you can pursue growth and provide a better customer experience. Often, a radical cost-cutting program produces only short-term benefits; costs creep back over time. Bain’s holistic approach helps you cultivate, reward and improve a sustainable cost management capability so you can win in the marketplace. Whether your company is in a “burning platform” situation where you need to quickly take out costs to regain your footing, or a “burning ambition” scenario in which you want to enhance your already strong competitive position, Bain Cost Transformation can tailor a solution for you. Our offerings include: 

  • Zero-Based Budgeting and Redesign: Use zero-based budgeting in conjunction with zero-based redesign to revamp your operating model and drive out costs while investing in the capabilities that will help you grow. Instill an ownership culture that treats overhead costs as investments to sustain your competitive advantage.
  • Bain Accelerated Transformation: Scale dollars fast across a range of cost, cash, capital and revenue priorities while simultaneously setting the stage for long-term success.
  • Complexity Management: Take complexity out of your product lines to accelerate growth, while also gaining a better understanding of customer needs. The results: improved customer satisfaction, faster inventory turnover and higher revenues and margins. 
  • Bain Simple & Digital: Transform customer experiences and deliver them at radically lower costs by simplifying your business and digitizing where it counts.

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