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Tech Due Diligence

The best deal decisions require more than commercial diligence. We assess a company’s software or e-commerce platform—from its product functionality and infrastructure to its security—to identify opportunities, avoid risk, and ultimately determine a target’s full potential.

Tech Due Diligence

Can a target company migrate from a monolithic legacy platform to a modern, microservices-based platform? Is a company's product scalable? Can its R&D team deliver to meet the growth plan? Does its financial health come with technological vulnerabilities that will affect the deal’s value?

An acquisition brings many questions—and with them, potential blind spots. Whether raising red flags, revealing new value, or finding opportunities for trade-offs, our experts deliver targeted, actionable recommendations to support smarter deal decisions.

With unparalleled private equity expertise and experience leading tech due diligence across a range of industries, we illuminate the full picture to help your clients invest with confidence. Our Tech Insights Group has conducted standalone and integrated tech due diligence for over 100 companies across two dozen industries in the last two years. We leverage a world-class team of tech experts, domain-specific knowledge, and a powerful set of cutting-edge tools, such as OPEXEngine’s proprietary software benchmarks. Further, we take a holistic approach, integrating our tech assessment with commercial and operational diligence results to deliver deeper real-time pre- and post-deal insights.

Our perspective is shaped by both outside and inside vantage points. We interview industry experts as well as the target’s own management to evaluate a company’s competitive position, both today and in the future. With cybersecurity central to 80% of our tech due diligence assessments, we focus on how target companies manage this risk and how they approach infrastructure, data, and product strategy.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Global Private Equity Report 2023

We explore every key trend, from web3 and decarbonization to new growth opportunities, the impact of lingering uncertainty, and more.

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Notre expérience

Client Results

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