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Operational Due Diligence

Profit margins matter, now more than ever. Our high-impact operational capabilities, state-of-the-art tools, and unrivaled strategy expertise provide everything PE investors need to understand a target's current and future profit potential.

Operational Due Diligence

Over the past decade private equity investors have relied largely on portfolio company revenue growth and multiple expansion to drive returns, while seeing the third leg of the IRR stool—profit margin growth—erode. That’s notable because deal teams’ own due diligence often produced rosy projection of margin expansion.

Our differentiated operational due diligence support can help you avoid such disappointment. We accurately assess and forecast the profit potential of targets in multiple deal scenarios, including portfolio company combinations, buy-side carveouts, and standalone buyouts. Our approach is tightly integrated with our commercial due diligence support, meaning that the growth strategy of a target is aligned with the operational changes required to drive margin expansion.

We also employ proprietary data and cutting-edge tools to provide unique “outside-in” perspectives on targets early in due diligence, giving our clients a critical edge as they compete for rare, attractive assets. Our value creation support doesn’t end with due diligence, but continues past signing and closing. Our teams work closely with clients’ deal teams and management to build effective value creation plans that are implementation-ready at closing. We also provide extensive performance improvement capabilities in post-merger integration, automation, digital transformation, commercial effectiveness and other areas to support management’s efforts to execute profit improvement programs.

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