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Stakeholder Value System

Stakeholders are assets: When your customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and investors thrive, so does your business—but unlocking value requires a thoughtful strategy. Across industries, leaders that achieve stakeholder and financial value deliver greater long-term total shareholder returns than their high-financial/low-stakeholder value peers. Moreover, strategically engaging stakeholders can reduce volatility and help strengthen your company’s purpose.

So how can you harness this powerful force? Our Stakeholder Value System helps you build a stakeholder strategy with speed and confidence. Get in touch below to receive a complimentary analysis.

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What you can get

Stakeholder Value System offers:

  • A common currency to measure performance: Our trusted, proven method integrates leading third-party data into a common currency stakeholder value score, building your team’s clarity and confidence.
  • Investment guidance that aligns with your purpose: Maximize scarce resources by investing in the stakeholders you need to win—and deprioritizing what’s less urgent.
  • A system to turn trade-offs into multipliers: Our AI and simulation tools reveal where zero-sum trade-offs between stakeholders can become value multipliers for the business.
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