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Bill Groves


À propos de Bill

Share your journey to Bain.

Before joining Bain, I had twenty plus year career in data and AI at Fortune 500 companies across many different industries including retail, financial services, data, and technology. My career has focused on building or transforming data organizations to accelerate value creation leveraging data and AI. I have been the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Walmart, Honeywell, Solera, and DNB. My most recent role before joining Bain was at Walmart where I led one of the largest data and AI transformations in history.

How did you know that Bain was the right company for you?

I was fortunate in that I was able to work with Bain as a client, so I was able to experience how Bain worked. I was very impressed with the innovative and strategic way of thinking and high integrity of the teams that delivered results for me as a client. When I left the client side, I was going to take time off for a while, but I started working with Bain as an advisor. It was during that time that I saw the opportunity to have an impact at many companies while solving an incredible variety of challenges and that I knew that Bain was the right company for me.

Do you feel like you can do impactful work at Bain? What opportunities excite you?

I feel that the work I do at Bain is incredibly impactful for Bain, my clients and their customers. We have the opportunity here to help companies better serve their customers while also building their business. It makes the world a better place and you don't have that opportunity at many jobs. Personally I am excited to solve challenges or create new experiences via data and AI that lead to new value.

“Build Your Own Bain” means creating a thriving career on your own terms. How have you been able to “Build Your Own Bain?”

Since joining Bain I have been able to really craft the perfect role for me by focusing on areas that I enjoy such as AI. You can focus more on deliver y or commercial aspects depending on your preference and what you are good at. For me this has been a aspect of Bain that I really enjoy.