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À propos de Kate

After finishing my PhD, I wanted a career where I can see more of the world which was why I decided to try consulting. Since joining as a Consultant, I worked in different parts of the world and interacted with many different types of people. 

It’s a great feeling when you’re working with clients and teammates who have the same insurgent mentality.

You feel energized and empowered to rethink and redefine industries with your clients because you feel like your client’s business problems are your problems. I recently did a case for an infant milk formula company and as a mom, I felt more connected to the company and came away with so tips on caring for my baby’s nutrition.

Since starting Bain, I’ve moved industries a lot and that created a great foundation for me for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, working within so many industries enabled me to fine-tune transferable skills that I can take to any industry. Secondly, having exposure to different types of work helped me figure out rather quickly which type of work gave me energy and which types didn’t.

A unique thing about Bain is the home-office model and I didn’t know what that meant until I started working here. The ability to work on a case with people in my office was fundamental because I started to build long-lasting trust with my teammates.

I learned to be supportive of my colleagues in both their professional and personal lives. For example, every Sunday morning, after I cycle with my friends around the Shanghai Bund and Expo area, I eat breakfast at a French bakery owned by a Shanghai partner.