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Keeping Gen Y staff happy

Keeping Gen Y staff happy

Should organisations pay attention to the needs and interests of their younger employees? What initiatives do your organisation have, or plan to have, for Gen Y staffers?

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Keeping Gen Y staff happy

A significant percentage of Bain and Company staff are from Generation Y. Given their top academic backgrounds and personal achievements prior to joining us, they tend to have several options on where to work. So yes, it is imperative for us to adapt to this next generation of leaders looking to control their careers and join companies where they can make immediate impact.

In addition to the 'bells and whistles' such as our large pantry (officially called 'The Beach'), Bain encourages our staff to take charge of their career path through its 'Build Your Own Bain' programme. This includes options such as LOAs (leave of absences), externships for three to six months, the choice to affiliate with a particular industry practice, or the ability to work in any of our 43 global offices. Bain staff also take ownership in running our office through their involvement in a host of office activities including the 'Ministry of Fun' and our 'Bain Cares' social service programme, both schemes designed and staffed by Gen Y leaders.

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