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Doing It My Way: How One Bainie Prioritized Her Passions

Stef Chavin, VP of recruiting in our Chicago office, shares how she spent her career at Bain pursuing her passions and balancing work and life.


Doing It My Way: How One Bainie Prioritized Her Passions

What if you could have it ‘all’ in your job?

Projects that fulfill your passions but also align with your professional and personal growth — like flexible working hours and colleagues you enjoy working with and consider friends. Meet Stefanie Chavin, a vice president of recruiting for the Chicago office.

Stefanie has worn many different hats during her 22 years at Bain and her story represents all of us: our evolving lives and shifting priorities as we enter different stages in life. She’s faced various challenges and major triumphs at work — like spearheading the completely virtual 2020 summer associate (SA) internship program and helping to start and open Rowe Elementary School in the Chicago area in the late 2000s.  

Hear more in-depth about her journey going from client-facing to internal operations and how she’s been thriving since she got to Bain.    

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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