Senior Software Engineer, Application, San Francisco

Profilo di Chris

Hi, my name is Chris. I'm a software engineer in the ADAPT Development Lab in the San Francisco office.

I've been at Bain for nine months so far, and it amazes me every day how much I have learned. I think that in a traditional software engineer role it would take me more than three years to learn as much as I have in my nine months here.

I chose Bain for many reasons, including the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, to learn and to make an impact. But most of all, I chose Bain for the people. Even the interview process was a different experience; it was completely collaborative from the start. Each interview felt like we were trying to solve a problem together.

In the Devlab we work with clients for anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, and with each client you can be exposed to a different industry with a completely different set of problems. Working at a traditional tech company, you're more likely to see similar problems in the same industry the entire time you work there. For me, the variety of work at Bain presented the best opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

What keeps me excited and engaged in my work here is the impact. I just finished a project that could ultimately have a life-changing impact on tens of thousands of people and save the client hundreds of millions of dollars. I helped lay the ground floor of this project, and it is inspiring that I can have such a large impact so quickly.