Manager, Chicago


Hi, my name is Deborah. I’m a consultant in the Chicago office. I interned at Bain in the Chicago office, and that summer was pivotal because it allowed me to confirm two things. First, that I really enjoyed the work. I found that we were answering interesting, intellectually stimulating questions for our clients. Two, I really liked the people I was doing it with. I loved my colleagues, and I thought this was a place I could see myself growing and thriving post-grad, so I decided to come back and accept the full-time role.

I’m Nigerian, so I enjoyed the opportunity to go back to Nigeria and work there in a professional context. The case was with a banking client that needed help with its consumer strategy. It was a really great question and a big challenge to figure out: How do you develop a strategy that’s all-encompassing and serves customers across a really wide footprint? The Lagos office was pretty recently established when I got there, so it was kind of like working at a start-up within the Bain world. I also took the opportunity to see more of Africa, visiting Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Togo.

The soft skills that I’ve learned at Bain have been a pleasant surprise. Coming in with a more quantitative engineering background, I liked the very qualitative approach to problem solving. I think it’s going to be valuable regardless of what I do in the future.

There are several affinity groups at Bain, focused on certain populations of our greater Bain community. I’ve been pretty involved with Blacks at Bain and Womxn at Bain. Through those groups, I’ve connected with people who've had experiences similar to mine, creating a support system of Bainies that I maybe wouldn’t have interacted with through my cases.