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Bain & Company’s 2023 Global Private Equity Report: Executive Summary

Deal activity was on track for another record-setting year, until the wheels came off.


Bain & Company’s 2023 Global Private Equity Report: Executive Summary

Private equity deal activity was somewhat Dickensian in 2022. It appeared to be the best of times in the first half of the calendar year, followed by the worst of times. In truth, it was simply a bewildering time.

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When I talk with clients about the state of today’s market, many of them say the single greatest obstacle to dealmaking is uncertainty.

It’s not just climbing inflation or interest rates. It’s not the war in Europe or supply chain disruptions or any of the other macro risks in the headlines. It’s the overriding question of when it all will end and where the economy will land.

Today on Dry Powder, we review the clashing indicators and sum up the key trends in Bain & Company’s 2023 Global Private Equity Report, including a tremendous buildup of dry powder, exit pressures that GPs face, and a cash crunch that has LPs wondering when they can get out of jail and get dealmaking back on track.


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