Adrien Bron

파트너, Zurich

Firm-wide corporate finance and corporate strategy solution leader.


전문 분야


  • Sector specializations in aerospace, construction and building products, and machinery and equipment
  • Lead expert in our Corporate Strategy group
  • Large-scale transformation specialist
  • Member of our Industrial Services Competence Center

Adrien Bron is a partner in our Advanced Manufacturing and Services, Corporate Strategy, and Change Management and Implementation practices, based in Zurich.

A corporate and portfolio strategy expert, Adrien focuses on strategic and financial evaluations for portfolio choices, as well as the buy- and sell-side M&A implications of such decisions. His recent case work has involved various corporate and business unit strategy projects, M&A, post-merger integrations, restructurings, and operating model redesigns.

Adrien also specializes in large-scale transformations that require in-depth strategic and organizational changes, as well as significant change management and people enrollment. He is passionate about digital and IoT in the industrial sectors and is an expert in our firm’s Industrial Services Competence Center.

His chief client work has included:

  • Leading the corporate portfolio review project of a leading global technology group, resulting in multiple acquisitions, partnerships, and divestments, and doubling shareholder value; and
  • Co-designing and heading multiple post-merger integration transformations.

Adrien holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA), where he was an Arbuckle Leadership Fellow. He also earned a Master of Monetary Economics from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

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