Bernard Birchler



Head of our Paris Industrials and Aerospace and Defense practices, focusing on transformation and performance improvement.


Bernard Birchler is a leader in our Advanced Manufacturing and Services and Performance Improvement practices.

With close to three decades of industrial consulting expertise, Bernard focuses mainly on the manufacturing sphere. He regularly advises industrial companies’ C-level executives on large-scale transformations and performance improvement programs, with sector expertise spanning aerospace and defense, automotive, transportation, logistics and rail.

His portfolio encompasses services development, supply chain, manufacturing excellence, R&D efficiency and product cost reduction.

Bernard's major client work has included:

  • Leading the services strategy of a major aircraft manufacturer;
  • Spearheading the competitiveness plan of a major satellite manufacturer;
  • Building the restructuring plan of an automotive OEM.

Prior to joining us in 2016, Bernard led the operations practice of another top consulting firm. He previously founded his own consulting firm focused on operations excellence, Hemeria.

Bernard holds an MBA from IAE Paris and an undergraduate degree in engineering from ENSEM.

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