About Anthony

​Hi, I'm Anthony. When I looked at the different consulting firms, two things stood out for me about Bain. First was its people; they were simply people I wanted to spend time with. Second was its focus on "results, not reports." I had spent enough time in academia and I knew how to solve problems theoretically; at Bain I thought I would have the chance to get my hands dirty and really understand business from the inside out.

Since I've been here, one of my favorite cases was a supermarket case. We brought some cutting-edge analytics to the fresh produce department, helping them understand the relationship between sell price and volume. This was a complex interplay between the wholesale volumes and prices available, the season, the planned specials and the store locations. We built a model that all the fruit and veg buyers could use nationally, and best of all, we toured the national distribution centers at the end of the case, teaching people how to use it.

​I've had the privilege of taking one six-month leave of absence during my time at Bain to look after my two small children while my wife went back to full-time work. It was a wonderful opportunity, and I'm very glad Bain could accommodate it. It's given me new perspective on why I do the job and how important it is to make time for my family despite a busy schedule.

​I went into Bain quite naively; I think almost everything I learned here I didn't expect.

"The thing I will carry with me forever is the power of taking time each week to coach and be coached."

Professional development discussions and tactical advice on how to be better have all accelerated my career faster than I had imagined.

​My advice for anyone going through the recruiting process is to try and see past the hype and the stereotypes of consulting. Talk to people and find out what they do, and what they like and don't like about the job. That will give you the best idea about what you'll do and whether you'll enjoy the work, and that will make all the difference.