About Henrik

I'm Henrik. I joined Bain full time in 1993 and currently focus on financial services and digitalization. I started off as an intern in 1991, and at that point in time there were three reasons:

  • First, Bain was the attacker, and I love to attack.
  • Second was the people and the spirit in the Munich office.
  • Third was the international collaboration, which I was able to experience as an intern and wanted to continue.

At the beginning, I was basically doing general management education, so I worked on different industries in different functions. I worked for the Media practice, then I got more and more intrigued by Financial Services. Over the past 18 to 20 years, I've focused mostly on financial services, banking and insurance cases.

I think the most rewarding cases are those where you basically start with a white paper, writing the concept, designing it, getting the decision, implementing it and then seeing the results. We just did it last year, creating a new division in one of the global insurance groups. We had to design the products, we had to decide on the channels and we had to decide on all the new processes. We helped the client staff the team in all of this, and now they are up and running with huge success, which is obviously very rewarding to see.

"Another highlight was working alongside a major tech company on a joint IP project, looking at how digitalization is transforming the insurance industry."

As you can imagine, collaborating with a tech company on this issue was very interesting, and we got enormous feedback across the globe.

Looking back at my Bain career, another valuable component has been the opportunity to take time out. When my first child was born, I took a leave of absence for about four months, which was so rewarding for me, simply spending time with the family. My clients were very supportive and understood it fully. Having this kind of flexibility is another thing that has kept me at Bain for 23 years.