Mitali Seth

About Mitali

Tell us about your work journey. 

After earning my undergraduate degree, I went on to pursue investment banking. As a wide-eyed, fresh graduate, I appreciated the exposure to different industries and learning about new businesses. A few years later when I went back to school for my MBA, I was looking for a profession that served as an outlet for creativity and innovation. It was then that I discovered brand marketing and immediately loved it.

I did that for around five years, the last stint being in strategy and product development for emerging markets. Eventually I realized I missed the excitement of learning about new industries and actively sought variety – more specifically I wanted to transition to a career that allowed for creative problem solving, but across different sectors and capabilities. This sparked my journey into management consulting, and ultimately, to Bain.

Why did you decide to join Bain? 

It was not a question I had to actively think about when I decided to transition to consulting. The question was already answered many times over during my interactions with Bainies through the course of business school and my prior work experience. The conversations were always rich - not just with insight, but with compassion and humility. That was special. Glad to report, this opinion hasn't changed in the time I've been at Bain, and I feel comforted knowing I'm always surrounded by people who truly embody "Bainie never lets another Bainie fail."

Do you feel like you can do impactful work at Bain? What opportunities excite you?

Bain integrates your prior work experience and personal capabilities into a larger skillset that modularly plugs into solving our clients' most tricky, multifaceted problems. This makes it easy to quickly notice the impact one is making not only on the projects, but within the team.

I’m excited about the transformative work Bain is doing in the energy space - most specifically about our efforts in the ESG space, centered on creating better systems for the world.

Describe your experience living and working in Doha. 

I had never been to Qatar or even the region before I moved! The decision to move to Doha was driven by the local work and opportunity to create an outsized impact within a small, extremely fast-growing office. I see myself exploring various capabilities and sectors within Qatar, and eventually in the region to finally identify a niche that I can build expertise in and contribute meaningfully to.  

What’s the culture like at Bain Doha? 

Ninety percent of the people in Qatar are expats, which means it's a new country and a new culture for most people you encounter. This is also true for the Doha office. Considering its rapid growth, you’re constantly meeting people who are on the same journey as you. Navigating "the new" together makes it more enjoyable for me. For members of the team who have made Doha home over the years, there is a collective joy in sharing these expat experiences with new Bainies who join the office.

Mitali's Career Story

“I feel excited about the transformative work Bain is doing”