About Tim

I'm Tim. For the last eight years I have been running Bain's Healthcare practice in the Americas. I came to Bain with a bit of an unconventional background. I was a research scientist in biochemistry. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a period of time, and then did my MBA at Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern before I went into consulting.

As the practice leader for healthcare in the Americas, I've had the very good fortune to gain experience across the full range of what we call the healthcare industry vertical. That includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, provider and hospital systems, payment and insurance systems, healthcare services businesses, and a huge partnership with our private equity practice, where people who invest in healthcare come to us to help them with due diligence and post-acquisition work. That breadth of exposure is very unique.

"At Bain we are very lucky to be able to recruit the best talent in the world."

In recruiting candidates, we get to go to these terrific schools, and Bain is typically among their top choices, so we get the best of the best. What we do differently from many of the other players in this space is that we consciously select people who have the same core values as us.