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Manager, São Paulo

About Lilian

Hi, I'm Lilian, an consultant in the São Paulo office.

For me, consulting is the perfect career. I get to work within many industries and encounter different types of problems, further developing the skills I need to do it quickly and efficiently. At Bain, I can have it all—the flexibility to tailor my career while being surrounded by some of the most collaborative, inspiring and fun people I have ever met.

As an associate consultant intern, I started working on a 10-month case right away, tackling a variety of themes. As my team and client grew more confident in me, I gained more responsibilities and autonomy over my work. In the beginning I was still learning how to use Microsoft Office tools, but toward the end I owned the process of creating and structuring a client survey, monitored its execution and then performed the analysis before communicating it to business stakeholders.

"For me, consulting is the perfect career. I get to work within many industries and encounter different types of problems, further developing the skills I need to do it quickly and efficiently."

So far, one of my favorite cases was with a large grocery retail client, in which we designed and implemented a customer relationship program. I was able to participate in the whole process, from defining its long-term goals and strategy to executing the engagement pilot program. We even hung up price tags in stores' gondolas!

I love traveling and getting to know new places, and I traveled every chance I could before joining Bain. I hope to keep traveling while working on cases during my time here. Other things on my Bain "to-do" list include getting an office transfer to one of our global offices and applying to an MBA program.