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Digital Recruiting Tools

Digital Recruiting Tools

Rethinking the way we hire the best talent

Rethinking the way we hire the best talent

We are committed to hiring extraordinary people and we continue to look for opportunities to improve our recruiting process to ensure we can hire the best talent. 

We are currently piloting two recruitment tools, pymetrics and HireVue, in select markets globally. These tools will supplement our existing recruiting process and show promise of providing valuable insights on candidates.   

About our tools

About our tools

Two talent screening platforms are being introduced in certain markets to help us learn more about candidates.

Pymetrics is game-based talent assessment platform which helps companies and individuals determine which attributes make them successful. We are piloting pymetrics to gather additional data on candidates and provide more context beyond the CV.  

In the Bain offices where pymetrics is currently being used, applicants will receive a request to complete the assessment. This assessment consists of games rooted in neuroscience research and provides insight into how applicants learn, process information and react to different interpersonal situations. There is no right or wrong way to complete the games and no preparation required. Additionally, the pymetrics game assessment is only one component of your application and our evaluation process will not be based solely on the pymetrics games.    

HireVue is an asynchronous video interview technology, which allows our recruiting teams to gather additional information on candidates and allows candidates to tell their story. The format of the digital interview assessments can vary by participating office. However, generally candidates are asked several questions to gain a better understanding of previous educational and/or professional experiences, as well as questions to understand their interest in consulting. Some assessments may also include multiple choice questions aimed at understanding a candidate’s problem solving skills.  

Candidates may complete the HireVue assessments at their convenience, providing more flexibility and avoid conflicting work or school commitments.  



Digital recruiting tools

For more information on whether these assessments are being used in the office(s) in which you are interested, please visit the specific office pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do the pymetrics games measure?

    The pymetrics games evaluate a collection of cognitive, social, and emotional characteristics that are inherent to an individual and are descriptive of how they learn, process information, and react to interpersonal situations involving trust, altruism, and fairness. The games utilized by pymetrics have been used in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology for the last 2-3 decades, and so are very well researched and validated as measures of the traits assessed.

  • Why are we using pymetrics?

    We know that there is more to a person than what is on paper. A resume can give us a scene, but we want the whole movie. We know that there is more to success at Bain than having the analytical and intellectual horsepower to solve some of the world’s toughest problems—we didn’t need pymetrics to tell us that. However, what pymetrics does allow us to do, is take more chances on candidates whose traditional application materials may not be the best predictor of their success. Pymetrics provides an inclusive, objective data point to ensure we are putting all applicants on the same equal footing, regardless of background.

  • What if I have already completed pymetrics under a different circumstance?

    If you have already played the games during the past 330 days, you will not need to replay the games as part of your application to Bain; however, you will still need to submit your results. You will need to click the link inside the email invitation and proceed through the resulting screens in order to ensure your results are submitted. Please contact your local recruiter if you have already completed a pymetrics assessment under a different email address than the one used to submit your application to Bain.

  • How will my results be used?

    The pymetrics games will not be used as a threshold to eliminate candidates from further consideration. We will still review all applications using the same criteria we have in previous years: taking into consideration each applicant’s academic achievements, leadership skills and professional accomplishments. The pymetrics games will provide an objective data point to help us identify candidates with a range of backgrounds, skills, and experiences who share similar social, emotional, and cognitive traits with our most successful Consultants.

  • What should I do to prepare?

    To prepare we’d recommend you play the games in a distraction free environment, where you have a stable internet connection. Each game takes approximately 1-3 minutes to complete. On average, the full assessment requires 25-30 minutes of your time. Read instructions carefully and plan your time. You can take breaks in between games, but you cannot pause mid-game or go back to replay the game.

  • Is there a 'right way' to play the games?

    The pymetrics assessment is neither a standardized test nor an IQ test. There are many different profiles for success, and therefore, no 'correct' or 'incorrect' way to play the games. Think of pymetrics as an added way for us to get to know you better.

  • Will I be able to see my results?

    The games assess 70+ social, emotional, and cognitive traits. You will have access to a personalized trait report that provides insight into your unique social and cognitive trait profile once you finish the assessment. This report is only shared with you.

  • How should I interpret the Trait Report?

    The Trait Report is designed to provide you with feedback at the end of the assessment. The report provides insight into your own unique cognitive and emotional profile but does not outline any kind of fit to the role applied to; rather, the report outlines in general where you fall on a spectrum across each trait pymetrics measures. Think of it as opportunity to learn a little more about yourself.