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Meet Us


Find out what it's like to be on a Bain case team 

ExperienceBain 2018

At Bain, we take incredible pride in our work and the challenging, rewarding experiences it provides our people. From online events to multiday conferences, you'll experience what it's like to be on a Bain case team via immersive workshops, knowledge sharing and real case examples.

We host multiple ExperienceBain events each summer for recruits who are interested in a consulting career. This video highlights ExperienceBain Thriving.

Our Programs

ExperienceBain GLOBAL is a unique opportunity to connect with any of our 55 offices around the world this summer, before you even step on campus. Some of our offices host open houses, where you can meet with our consulting teams, take an office tour, network with your peers and experience what it's like to work in strategy consulting. Events include:

  1. Interactive workshops: Dive into a real Bain case to experience how we approach complex business problems and create results with our clients. You’ll crack a case alongside a team of consultants and managers. Working in small groups, you’ll help our industry-leading client build out its European growth strategy.
  2. Networking: From dinners to rooftop gatherings, our networking events let us get to know you and share our experiences.
  3. Webinars: Through a series of online events, we'll introduce you to consultants around the globe—you’ll hear their stories and learn about their experiences as a summer associate.

Please note that events vary by office and space is limited.


The deadline to register is Saturday, June 30, 2018. However, we encourage you to register sooner as our offices will begin hosting events as early as May.

Bain has long recognized varied experiences and perspectives as essential to the success of our extraordinary teams. Veterans remain vital to that mix, and that is why Bain formed the Veterans at Bain (VABs) affinity group many years ago. VABs is a thriving network with members in our offices across the globe, at every tenure.

Program Details

Join members of our global Veterans at Bain network in our New York office on July 12 and 13 to learn about consulting, Bain and how members of our team have successfully transitioned from active duty military to business school and then to Bain consultant. This event is designed for transitioning pre-MBA veterans, with content covering:

  • Basic introduction to Bain and to consulting
  • How to make the most of business school
  • How to prepare for the case interview


The deadline to register for ExperienceBain Veterans is Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Technology is changing the world, and Bain is partnering with our clients to innovate, be agile and grow in these exciting times. From digital transformation to advanced analytics, we are changing the way our clients and the industries they operate in think about technology.

Program Details

On July 27 in Bain’s San Francisco office, and July 19 in Bain's London office, we will bring together some of the brightest minds in technology for a day full of immersive experiences that dive into today’s latest tech capabilities and trends. 

The event includes:

  • An update on the latest IP and capabilities transforming our clients’ businesses and their industries
  • A design thinking workshop to experience how we tackle our clients’ most complex problems
  • Updates from our Development Lab
  • Opportunities to meet Bain alumni who are now working in the tech field
  • A networking event with consultants, managers and partners


The deadline to register for ExperienceBain Tech is Sunday, May 20, 2018.