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Associate Consultant Trainee

Associate Consultant Trainee

What You'll Do

What You'll Do

Associate Consultant Trainee (ACT) program is the only internship program of Seoul office for undergraduate students. We run this program three times a year for those who wish to accumulate work experience for consulting career, reach a wide range of industries, enrich various industry knowledge, and gain a lot of chance for challenges. 

During the internship, ACTs are staffed on actual cases for a few months and work as a member of the project. Through this fascinating experience, you will get the opportunity for a great learning experience and personal growth as a professional.  

Typical responsibilities for Associate Consultant Trainee (ACT) include:

  • Research, data gathering and analysis 
  • Consumer and market survey
  • Supporting slide development

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Application Information

Click here for more info on 2021 2H Associate Consultant Trainee (ACT) Position

Application deadline

  • Monday, July19th, 2021, 11AM KST


  • Required: Fluency in Korean
  • Position for 2021 2H; Applicants should be available to work for three months minimum between August and December.
  • Applicants must be legally eligible to work in Korea. F4 Visa or above are required for foreign nationals.

Backgrounds Qualified to Apply

  • Undergraduate students regardless of major and grade 

Application Materials

  • Resume: please indicate your available working period (i.e. available from 
    August 1st to November 30th, 2021).
  • Cover letter

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