Lead to Inspire weekend

Lead to Inspire weekend

Developing extraordinary female leaders


Join us in Milan, April, 2024

Join us for an exceptional event designed to empower tomorrow’s future business leaders to thrive in their professional journeys and beyond.

This is a unique opportunity for professional women with 5-15 years of experience to learn from some of the most inspirational leaders in the business, meet peers from various industries and backgrounds across Europe and the Middle East, and develop skills to reach their full potential.

We look forward to receiving your application for an energizing weekend of mentorship, learning and development. Given the safety of our people is paramount if local and regional restrictions preclude this, we will meet virtually. More details on the application deadline soon.

We encourage you to learn more about Bain and how we work with our clients to transform the world’s most important businesses and achieve extraordinary outcomes, here.

Applications for 2024 will open in January, stay tuned. To connect with us, please reach out to LeadtoInspire@bain.com.

What the weekend looks like

The weekend will be filled with experience sharing, self-reflection and mentorship.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

  • How do I apply?

    Please prepare your CV and a response to the question: “What motivated you to apply to the event?” and submit your application through our online portal (link will be active in January).

    When you apply, you will be asked to choose 3 offices you are interested in. Please note that this is just for our information and does not impact the process or any future position applications.

    You will also be asked for a possible start date at Bain. Please fill in the field with April 2024 as the date of the event. This has no impact to your event application or any future position applications.

  • What is the timing of the event?

    The main event will take place in April 2024 (exact dates will be published soon). Further to these dates we will invite you to 2-3 other virtual sessions between April and September. More on those dates to come.

  • What topics will be covered during the event?

    Lead to Inspire will be filled with opportunities to learn new skills. Among unique topical insights, you will learn how to demonstrate ‘inspirational leadership’, transforming your daily interactions and creating differentiated personal assets and professional results. On top of that, you will meet with exceptional women leaders and network with your peers across the region.

  • What are my development opportunities?

    We will offer you an opportunity to learn from our business leaders and develop skills that can be implemented in your current position, or leveraged in your future career. The topics can vary from managing your own growth, sustainability disruption to digital. We will design the event based on what motivates the participants, therefore when applying to the event, please let us know what inspired you to apply.

  • In what language will the event be held?

    English is the language of the event as participants will range from across EMEA

  • I am currently studying for my MBA, am I eligible to apply?

    Lead to Inspire is an event for experienced professionals, i.e. those actively working. For MBA students, we have a variety of on-campus events, please check our events page.

  • If I am not invited to ‘Lead to Inspire’, does that also mean I would not be invited to interview for a full time position at Bain?

    We have limited space for this event, so we are unable to invite everyone who applies. Therefore we encourage you to apply for full time positions regardless of the outcome of your application for ‘Lead to Inspire’.

    For further questions on our application process for ‘Lead to Inspire’ or Bain in general, please contact us.

  • I am not interested in a position at Bain but would love to join the event. Should I apply?

    We welcome all applications. This is not a recruiting event, rather an opportunity to connect with our leaders from across the region, and have meaningful conversations that can have a longer-term impact on your career. This is an opportunity to build a network of top female leaders in the region, and support their growth.

  • I am not available on that weekend but would love to learn more, how can I connect?

    We would be thrilled to connect with you. You can find our recruiting team connections from the office pages on bain.com. Feel free to send an email to the office you wish to chat with.

    You can also check out the upcoming events and webinars from our events page