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Technology & Engineering

Technology & Engineering

If you’re looking for a technology or software engineering job, there’s no better place to look than at Bain. Here, you’ll get to be the bridge between ideas and solutions—between some of the world’s most innovative executives’ ideas and their ability to transform their company. We get to engineer the software systems and data environments that help businesses do extraordinary things. Take a tech job here and you can grow into an expert at anything.

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Our teams build the software, processes, and analytics solutions that allow us and our clients to explore new avenues of growth. Wherever someone has an idea or needs to commercialize intellectual property, we create that infrastructure and build those products. We’re composed of groups of data, machine learning, QA, automation, front-end and systems engineers, as well as designers and product managers, who together, self-organize to provide full end-to-end capabilities.  

It's an exciting mixture of enterprise backing and entrepreneurial freedom. We get to explore the best technology and learn how Web3 or LLMs can help our clients solve problems.

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