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Top-performing companies are twice as likely to have a cohesive and future-oriented talent strategy and approach. Talent Engine Builder helps you define your long-term needs and develop systems to put the right people in the right roles.


We are a world leader in talent design, development, and deployment. We have completed nearly 4,000 organizational projects since the year 2000. And, we practice what we preach: Bain is repeatedly recognized as a top place to work by organizations like Glassdoor, Vault, and Working Mother magazine. We understand what it takes for your company to attract and retain top people and help them reach their full potential. Among the capabilities that set us apart are:

  • Extensive work on operating models—the bridge between your strategy and its execution—which allows us to customize a talent strategy that supports and accelerates your overall business strategy.
  • A relentless focus on outcomes instead of processes, because we believe that talent must be viewed and measured in terms of return on investment.

Notre impact

Notre impact

Time, Talent, Energy

Learn more about how the best companies manage their people's time, talent and energy with as much discipline as they do in their financial capital.

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Faster. Smarter. More connected: Machinery races into the digital future

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