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Consumer Elements of Value®

Understanding what your customers truly value helps you differentiate your offering and helps you grow, gain share, and price at a premium. Elements of Value identifies what matters most and helps you deliver it effectively.

The value of any product or service always lies in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t mean the value is unknowable. In fact, universal building blocks of value exist, and leading B2B and B2C businesses are built on them. The Elements of Value® framework helps you pinpoint what matters most to your customers so you know where to focus your product or service strategy.

Based on more than 30 years of research, we’ve identified dozens of distinct elements of value and quantified their linkages to growth, customer loyalty, market share, pricing and revenue. This empirical approach has helped countless clients of ours make decisions, grow revenue and boost their NPS scores. See what it can do for your company.

Bain Partner Eric Almquist discusses 30 elements of value that are at work in the marketplace.

Notre impact

Notre impact

As consumers' preferences and behaviors change it can become difficult to understand precisely what motivates their buying decisions. Elements of Value provides a robust, deeply researched framework that helps you assess the many objective and subjective criteria that influence consumers' choices. That clear-eyed understanding enables you to invest in the features, innovations and other attributes that make your product or service speak to what consumers really value. 

Client Results

Client Results


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