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Revenue Growth Management

Rising inflation and disrupted supply chains pose a double-barreled threat for consumer product companies, exposing dangerous gaps in RGM programs. We'll help you rebuild this vital set of commercial muscles.

Revenue Growth Management

Despite multiyear, resource-intense revenue growth management (RGM) programs, more than 80% of consumer product CEOs we spoke with aren't satisfied with their RGM results. Only about one in ten brands can claim to systematically grow share, category leadership, and profit.

Failing RGM programs fit a pattern. About 50% of all promotions cannibalize nonpromo sales, and 80% of promo investment doesn't contribute to category growth. Seventy percent of SKUs generate unneeded complexity and cost, while delivering less than 5% of total category revenues. Three in every four customer plans fail to generate profit growth for both the retailer and manufacturer. And despite multimillion-dollar investments, many IT and AI systems end up too complex to win widespread adoption.

Given today’s market turbulence—especially inflation and supply chain havoc—now is the time to shore up structural RGM weaknesses. Poorly designed RGM programs are keeping would-be industry standouts from maximizing the net profit opportunities. Indeed, as manufacturers and retailers renegotiate, entire net profit pools are at stake.

We have proven success in helping CP leaders master the five nonnegotiable elements of a profitable RGM program (pricing, assortment, price pack architecture, promotions, and trade terms). Most important, we’ll help you make results stick by showing you how to develop a repeatable model.

We bring a network of 50+ partners and managers complemented by a network of former RGM industry practitioners who have designed, built, and implemented pragmatic, CP-specific RGM solutions around the world. You’ll develop capabilities that serve your growth for years to come. We tailor our six-step approach to your company’s needs using our proprietary Bain RGM Maturity Index, which measures your RGM capabilities based on more than 200 benchmarks.

The RGM gap prevents countless companies from seizing the advantages that inflationary economies can offer. Whether you see revenue strategy as a new frontier or a stubborn obstacle, we’ll show you exactly where to invest for lasting improvement.

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