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How Much Is Web3 Disrupting Your Industry?

Understanding the threats and opportunities web3 poses can make or break your company’s role in the next era of the Internet.

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How Much Is Web3 Disrupting Your Industry?

The emergence of web3 won’t impact every industry or subsector equally. Knowing how much disruption and opportunity to expect can help your company win in the next era of the Internet.

  • Industries like financial services are already feeling the winds of disruption with digital wallets, tokenized assets, and cryptocurrency. But along with disruption comes the opportunity to win big with new product offerings and business models.
  • Sports, media, and entertainment are only moderately at risk of disruption but offer some of the greatest opportunities to get ahead, particularly in the gaming and sports sectors.
  • Technology and telecommunications face varying levels of risk. Social media platforms will likely be affected by web3 the most, with relatively little opportunity to grow with it. On the other hand, sectors such as cloud and data infrastructure, which web3 relies on heavily, are potentially staring down higher levels of disruption but a comparatively large opportunity to grow.
  • For consumer products and retail companies, the threat of disruption is relatively low. But companies have a good opportunity to use web3 tools to increase brand awareness, reach new customers, and uniquely engage shoppers.
  • Other sectors, especially in advanced manufacturing and services, will remain less disrupted by web3 over the next 10 years. But, as of now, they also have relatively less opportunity to grow with it.

Wherever your industry and subsector sit, understanding their future with web3 will enable your company to pave the way for strategic investments.

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