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À propos de Siphesihle

"Since joining Bain, my time has been full of adventure, learning and, most importantly, growth."

Hi, my name is Siphe. Learn more about me and my time at Bain through some Q&A.   

 Tell us about yourself. What are some of your passions, and how do you find time for them? 

I love the arts, particularly music and theater, and food experiences. I spend a great deal of my spare time discovering new artists, watching operas and visiting art galleries either in-person or online! Food is also a huge personal passion of mine and I make sure to try a new recipe every week. I use my GAL (Get A Life) night, each week, that is dedicated to my passion and my teams have always been great at protecting this time, even during busy weeks.  

You joined Bain out of undergrad, could you tell us how you’ve “built your own Bain” since then?  

Since joining Bain, my time has been full of adventure, learning and, most importantly, growth. The theme of "my Bain" is a continuous journey of new challenges and opportunities to improve. I’ve learned and gained wisdom from both my peers and mentors in the Johannesburg office, where I started, and in Seattle, my current home office. I've always sought out new challenges and ways to get involved and, at Bain, there is no shortage of opportunities for anyone who wants to grab them! 

You mention your peers and mentors being a part of building your own Bain. Do you mind elaborating on how you established your personal community? 

Community is truly everything to me! I'm a huge advocate in the idea that we amount to far more when we’re united than when we’re apart. At Bain, this has taken many forms: mentors, formal and informal, who have strategically and tactically helped my career and peers who supported and inspired me through cases. I think it's important to find your tribe and get a sense of belonging. The great thing about Bain is there are several people and structures to help you do this. After all, a Bainie never lets a Bainie fail!  

Finally, what would be your biggest piece of advice for incoming recruits interested in consulting? 

My two biggest tips are one; bring an open growth-oriented mindset to all that you do! No one is born a consultant, so the best way to become one is to learn and constantly iterate. And two; be your most authentic self! Bain's culture is its mix of people, so be the best version of you.