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Truman Han

Expert Associate Partner,


À propos de Truman



  • Expert in Customer Experience Transformation (e.g., Customer Value Prop. Design, NPS 3.0)
  • Expert in Venture Building (Bain Next)
  • Class President of Vector Greater China

Truman Han is a member of our Innovation & Design practice. He is an expert in design thinking, agile methodologies, customer experience design, digital venture/product development, and growth hacking.

With a rich background spanning over ten years, Truman's proficiency encompasses innovation, customer experience, and venture building within sectors like consumer goods, retail, financial services, TMT, and IoT throughout the APAC region.

He excels in crafting customer value propositions, launching new ventures, transforming customer experiences, and implementing agile delivery for his clients.

Truman's recent projects include the creation of a digital sales maximization tool for a food & beverage enterprise, the design of a digital wealth management platform for a Southeast Asian bank, and the initiation of digital ventures from the ground up for a SEA utility conglomerate.

Beyong his client works, he is also the class president of Vector (Bain's digital delivery team) in Greater China.

Truman holds an undergraduate degree, with honors, from Fudan University in Shanghai.

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