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Velu Sinha


À propos de Velu

Velu Sinha is a member of our Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) practices, focused on growth, innovation and R&D strategies. He previously led our Asia-Pacific Advanced Analytics practice.  

Prior to joining Bain in 2004, Velu gained more than 15 years of experience in the technology and telecommunications fields in R&D, line/management, consulting, and entrepreneurial roles.

He has served in engineering, product management, marketing, and executive capacities for government agencies, systems manufacturers, and service providers. These efforts have included wired/wireless/optical networking equipment, systems software, industrial control/automation systems, machine learning solutions, autonomous control systems, and ASIC/SoC designs.

Velu's consulting experience covers growth, innovation, and R&D strategies, reengineering, and merger integration across industries including technology, media, upstream oil & gas, and pharmaceuticals; as well as sector scans, diligence activities, and portfolio work for private equity. He has worked with clients around the globe and has experience in dealing with international intellectual property, standards, and regulatory issues.

Velu earned a Bachelor of Science in physics from the University of Maryland and serves as a Director of the Open Geospatial Consortium.

With fierce competition from digital native start-ups, telcos must develop unique, differentiated strategies to compete in the half-trillion-dollar market for the Interent of Things. Velu Sinha outlines how telcos can win by focusing on connectivity, life cycle management and specific verticals to leverage partner ecosystems.

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