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Large companies are subject to millions of cyberattacks each month. That’s why tactical improvements aren’t enough. Our Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment helps you develop a strategy to fend off most attacks and recover quickly from any that might succeed.


As cybercrime becomes ever more prevalent—this year it’s expected to account for $6 trillion in losses, making it more profitable than the entire global trade in illegal drugs—it’s imperative that C-suite leaders champion a cybersecurity strategy that is robust enough to repel the vast majority of attacks, and ensures the organization is resilient enough to quickly recover from any that succeed.


Estimated cost of cyberattacks to businesses in 2021*

That means going beyond today’s typical approach, in which most companies simply allocate a set percentage of revenue or IT budget to security, without assessing their true needs. Effective cybersecurity requires a sustained effort that encompasses not only application security, penetration testing and incident management but also employee behavior, third-party risks, and many other potential vulnerabilities.

Our Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment goes far beyond the scope of a typical security audit—it provides a foundational analysis on which you can build a truly robust and resilient cybersecurity program. Our deep expertise in enterprise technology, cloud computing, digital operations, and other relevant areas ensures that we can help you not only develop a powerful cybersecurity strategy, but implement it effectively.


or fewer companies follow basic cybersecurity best practices

We also work closely with telecom, technology hardware and software companies and service providers to develop cybersecurity product strategies and go-to-market plans. And our Cybersecurity Commercial Due Diligence expertise has enabled private equity firms and other investors to gain a clear understanding of the differentiation of the target cybersecurity company, its overall competitive landscape, emerging customer needs and demand implications of key trends. Over the past decade we have worked on more than 200 private equity due diligence projects involving cybersecurity product and services vendors, with the aggregate value of those deals surpassing $19 billion. 

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*according to Cybersecurity Ventures

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