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Europe’s Truck Buyers Want EVs and Hybrids

Fleet owners seek experience with alternative drivetrains.

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Europe’s Truck Buyers Want EVs and Hybrids

Bain & Company’s most recent survey of Europe’s truck market found a significant share of buyers interested in purchasing low-emission vehicles. About 40% of customers say they may want to buy one or a few electric hybrids or electric trucks in their next purchase, and only 30% believe regular diesel will be the main drivetrain in their fleet by 2025. Some buyers say they want to gain experience with new drivetrain technology. Others say they need one or two such trucks in their fleet to improve their environmental image. Truck makers will need to find ways to satisfy this environmental pull while keeping the total cost of ownership acceptable for customers.

Magnus Burling and Johan Lundgren are partners with Bain & Company in Stockholm. Jörg Gnamm and Eric Zayer are partners in the firm’s Munich office. All four work with Bain’s Global Automotive practice.

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