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Ron Kermisch and Dunigan O’Keeffe Talk Next Generation of Innovators

Join Bain innovation experts Dunigan O’Keeffe and Ron Kermisch to learn about Bain’s overall innovation strategy, Next℠ - our team of business-building experts, and Founder’s Studio - our internal incubator. As part of our special edition series, discover the important role innovation has at the firm and how it leads to added value for our clients.


Ron Kermisch and Dunigan O’Keeffe Talk Next Generation of Innovators

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Ron Kermisch and Dunigan O’Keeffe are innovation strategy experts at the firm. Dunigan is a partner in the San Francisco office and the head of the global Strategy practice, Next℠. He’s involved in formalizing how Bain works with clients to innovate and create new business models as well as cultivating relationships with their venture ecosystems and adding value to their client’s strategies.

Ron, a partner in the Boston office, leads Bain’s global Pricing practice and runs our Founder’s Studio, an internal incubator aiming to drive disruptive innovation in consulting. He is also leading a global effort for Bain to innovate in the recruitment space.

As part of our Whiteboard Innovators series that spotlights leaders with innovation at the forefront of their careers, Ron and Dunigan will discuss the importance of Next℠, Founder’s Studio, and Bain’s overall innovation strategies. Hear why the firm is focusing on innovation and the impact it has on its clients.


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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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