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US Doctors Turn to Telehealth As Covid-19 Limits In-Person Care

Some 60% of coronavirus frontline healthcare workers and nearly all primary care physicians report using telehealth for at least some of their patient care.

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US Doctors Turn to Telehealth As Covid-19 Limits In-Person Care

Constrained by the limits that coronavirus has imposed, both primary care doctors and healthcare providers in the ICU, ER and other parts of the front line are turning to digital options to deliver patient care. For frontline physicians, telehealth is primarily a way to perform Covid-19 and other urgent-care screenings. Many PCPs, on the other hand, have moved almost entirely to telehealth, with half of those surveyed using telemedicine in over 75% of their patient care. Although it is hard to predict the future beyond Covid-19, we expect this to be a significant inflection point in the use of virtual care.

Joshua Weisbrod, a Bain & Company partner based in New York, leads the firm’s Healthcare practice in the Americas. Michael Brookshire is a partner in Bain’s Healthcare practice and is based in Dallas. Erin Ney is a board-certified internist and an expert manager in Bain’s Healthcare practice; she is based in Boston.

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