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US Healthcare Workers on Covid-19 Front Lines Battle Physical, Mental and Financial Strain

Even as most doctors and nurses in the coronavirus fight face safety concerns and a lack of mental health resources, one in four are also expecting a pay cut.

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US Healthcare Workers on Covid-19 Front Lines Battle Physical, Mental and Financial Strain

The majority of healthcare professionals treating Covid-19 patients worry about becoming ill. Yet, according to Bain & Company’s latest survey of US healthcare workers, nearly two-thirds of them aren’t getting additional mental health resources to help cope with the stress, and one-quarter expect a compensation cut for the month of April. With ER and ICU doctors’ and nurses’ safety already at risk, these factors present an additional threat to frontline clinicians’ well-being. As hospitals lose revenue from the elective surgeries canceled to protect patients and preserve supplies for frontline physicians, additional pay cuts are likely in the coming months.

Joshua Weisbrod, a Bain & Company partner based in New York, leads the firm’s Healthcare practice in the Americas. Michael Brookshire is a partner in Bain’s Healthcare practice and is based in Dallas. Erin Ney is a board-certified internist and an expert manager in Bain’s Healthcare practice; she is based in Boston.

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