Eric Zayer

파트너, Munich

Advisor on large scale transformations, sales and service full potential and business strategy in the industrial sphere, specializing in the automotive sector.


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  • Commercial vehicles, passenger car and light truck expertise
  • Sales and Service full potential, Customer focus and deep commercial excellence expertise
  • 15+ years of consulting experience

Dr. Eric Zayer is a partner in our Advanced Manufacturing and Services, Automotive and Customer practices, based in Munich.

He has more than 15 years of management consulting experience, focusing on advising clients in the automotive and industrial spheres. He specializes in large-scale transformations and has broad experience in sales, service and customer strategy.

His key case work includes a large-scale sales full potential transformation for a leading German car OEM, yielding significant positive sales and profitability impact.

In recent years, Eric has also increasingly become active in consulting on new mobility and digital business models in the auto industry and beyond. To this end, he has supported a major car OEM in its buildup of a digital ecosystem.

He is very familiar in leveraging advanced analytics for his clients and has built several smart data-driven tools that help clients better steer their sales and aftersales.

In addition to his client work, Eric drives our BEST Case Experience initiative in DACH, which focuses on ensuring sustainable lifestyles and adherence to our firm's values.

Eric holds both doctoral and graduate business degrees from the WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management.

He lives in Munich with his wife and son.

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