Marc Jeker


Industrial goods & services expert with a focus on post-merger-integrations


전문 분야

  • Expertise in post-merger-integration primarily for Advanced Manufacturing & Services companies
  • Background (pre-Bain) in a commercial/ sales role for a Printing company
  • Zurich office personal capacity coach

Marc Jeker is an expert in our Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice.

He has ~7 years of consulting experience with the majority of his projects headquartered out of Switzerland but with far-flung operations across the globe incl. USA, China, Japan, and Australia.

Marc primarily advises Advanced Manufacturing & Services as well as Tech. clients, with a particular emphasis on M&A/ post-merger-integration support. Marc's work has helped his clients to integrate divergent operating models, deliver revenue & cost synergies, all while ensuring appropriate change management guardrails.

In addition to his client work, Marc takes pride in serving as a mentor to countless Bainies and is a Personal Capacity coach for the Zurich office.

Marc holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. Privately, Marc is an accomplished marathon runner and Private Pilot.

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